The Mastermind behind and it’s arise…

As a young girl, I never really knew I’d be interested doing crochet, didn’t even think of enjoying it. It all started as a responsibility, a requirement I need to finish to pass my elementary projects. Later on, during my high school times, it became a hobby. Something I could do during spare time to sell in our Annual Bazaar during Family day in Sisters of Mary School at Silang Cavite. I was so busy with college that I forgot about it, totally(haha). Months after my graduation, when one of my younger sister had the same project as I had when I was in elementary, I get to hold another ball of yarn and a hook. From then on, my curiosity got me again. I began searching in internet sites like pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter, to see how far I could go in doing crochet products. As of the moment, all I could say, is that everything happens for a reason.

I then started on making bikini tops and halter tops for a friend for her vacation in aklan, then for me and my younger sisters. And since summer was just around the corner, I made it specially for them for our summer vacation in romblon. Since I’m too shy to wear them, I made them wear it for me. It’s too surreal that the two little sisters actually had fun taking pictures, a lot instagrammable posts and they even made it their profile picture in their facebook accounts.

I was proud a little bit out of it all. I’m up for trying another adventure within my crochet world. Good luck to me!

Here’s some of my works.

A picture of my sister during our summer vacation.

my sister ella in her white alter top
my youngest sister floremae in her crochet alter top that I made


Photocredits to my friend Clei :*